30. studenoga 2014.

The recommendation was eventually forwarded to and approved by

Her ability to do damage is crazy, especially when given the ability to consistently use damage orb and the enemy team is bunched up in an […]
28. studenoga 2014.

We hit that little (rough) spot

It adversity at the end of the day. We hit that little (rough) spot. We started off hot and people were acting like we were the […]
28. studenoga 2014.

I often confuse and occasionally mangle others’ names

Everyone that touches that loan has monetary reasons why they want the loan approved so when peoples pay checks behind on volume they could care less […]
27. studenoga 2014.

Louis Blues, also recalls one of his 25 saves with particular

We often judge our dates based on looks, but we rarely consider their brain function. I believe this will change in the coming century. In fact, […]